Lost and found (Lee Chi-Ngai, 1996) V.O. soutitrée anglais


Lam (Kelly Chan), the daughter of a shipping magnate, meets the warm-hearted Mr. Worm (Takeshi Kaneshiro) on the street one day. Mr. Worm, a Mongol, runs a lost-and-found company and Lam enlists his help to trace a missing friend, Ted (Michael Wong), a Scottish sailor and former colleague who mysteriously disappeared months ago. Lam and Ted formed an intimate friendship after working together and Lam finds herself thinking of him after his disappearance. By sheer luck Mr. Worm traces Ted's whereabouts. The latter is returning home to Scotland to run a motel for his recently deceased grandfather.

Titre : Lost and found

Réalisation : Lee Chi-Ngai

 Avec :   Kelly ChanTakeshi KaneshiroMichael Wong

Durée : 01:48:49

Note : Extrait de film, Hong Kong,